Probate is simply the legal process of the court validating the Last Will and Testament of a deceased person and to conclude all the legal and financial matters after their death.  Essentially, probate is a court-supervised process by which the court distributes your estate.  If you’ve prepared a will, the court will distribute according to that.  Unfortunately, most people have not written a will.  If you do not have a written will, then the court and an appointed administrator will decide how your estate will be distributed.  This is called the laws of “intestate”.  And don’t assume for a second that your spouse or your children will automatically get everything or an equal share. 

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult period.  This is not the time most people are at their best.  It is particularly challenging when you are asked to begin making financial and legal decisions.  It is especially stressful on the spouse or children if they are just hearing about a loved one’s plan for the first time or, worse yet, learning one was never completed. 

Welton Law Firm is sensitive to these concerns and issues and are committed to delivery probate and trust administration services with sensitivity to the special concerns of our clients.  We will make the process of probate and trust administration as easy and pain-free as possible.