What is Estate Planning?  Estate planning is the process of legally structuring the future disposition of your assets.  An estate plan protects your family and finances after you die by making future asset distribution and tax savings decisions beforehand.  Regardless of your net work it is important to have a basic plan in place.  By planning your estate, you can maximize its value by minimizing taxes and eliminating court costs and interference.

Estate planning sounds like a complicated matter, and it is.  At Welton Law Firm, PLLC, we focus in making the specifics of estate planning completely understandable to you and legally sound, so you’ll have peace-of-mind in knowing everything is planned and there’s no added stress on you or your loved ones.

Your concerns, values and objectives will be the central theme of your overall plan.  A good estate plan will provide answers to your hardest questions, while leaving you in control of your property while you are alive.